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  • 4:34:39 AM, Thursday, May 05, 2016 

    Angie Martinez Inducted into Mark Twain's Alumni Hall of Fame

    At our third annual sold out Senior Gala last week, radio personality became our third inductee into the Mark Twain Alumni Hall of Fame. Click the videos below.

  • Another Great Year of Specialized HS Results

    You can see them by clicking the link on the right hand side ----->

    Microsoft Office Now Available to All NYC Students

    Office 365 The families of all NYC students can now claim free Office 365 accounts by visiting with the child's date of birth and the parent phone number registered with the DOE. Typically it's the one you used on the Blue emergency home contact card and if that doesn't work, look up the email in your child's bio via PupilPath. You'll be able to install this on up to 5 family computers (Windows or Mac) and up to 5 mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) however the iPad from Twain will be one of those 5 mobile installs. Mark Twain has no immediate plans to embrace Microsoft Office vs. the Google Apps for Education accounts students already have access to but there's absolutely no reason not to get this excellent software package for free. Ditto Apple's equivalent products like Pages, Keynote, etc. Once we see what sort of questions arise, we'll make some technical documentation available to help. And it's still unclear how our staff will get Microsoft Office but they will get it. And yes, where possible all the school's computers will be updated too. Make sure you keep track of your chosen email/password for the Office 365 account or you'll struggle to get technical support from Microsoft down the road.

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