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  • 4:31:37 AM, Thursday, September 29, 2016 

    Instructions for Remind Account

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    A Boatload of HS News for Seniors and Their Parents

    Mark Twain Open Houses for September 2017 Admissions

    Call our Admissions Office at 718-449-6697 if you have questions but you do have two opportunities to visit with us, speak to administrators and teachers, and get the latest information about the various talents and adminissions tests.
    The October 5th date (5:30-7:30pm) is primarily geared toward families from outside of District 21 as well as those from private and parochial schools but all are welcome.
    The October 20th date (5:30-7:30pm) is primarily geared towards families from District 21 but all are welcome.
    THERE IS NO PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED but we do anticipate sizable crowds so arrive early if you need to park a car in the neighborhood. There will be little to no available parking on site so you may have to walk a few blocks.

    These sessions are self guided in nature. If you were unable to attend either Open House, we will make the main handout available for download starting on or about October 5. 

    Reminders for Week 2

    • NYC public schools are closed Monday.
    • Grade 6 Dance is Thursday, from 5-7.
    • From 5-6pm, parents will attend an abbreviated version of their child's schedule to meet with many of their teachers followed by a PA meeting. Then, during the last hour, teachers will be available in classrooms for individual questions. 

    Reminders for Weeks 3 & 4

    • Graduation Pictures - Tuesday September 20th - ALL 8TH GRADERS WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED
    • Ring and Gown Measurements Grade 8 - September 27th

    Helpful Tips

    • Please go through your child's back pack on a daily basis for important notices and communications.  We need your cooperation to complete emergency contact cards ASAP as well as lunch applications.  Breakfast and lunch are free for all, but we still need you to complete the applicaiton for important school funding.  Complete on-line at

    • Please label your child's items with their name and class.  Especially, lunch bags, water bottles, back packs, etc.  Please help us help you!
    • If your child is entitled to a metro card, please send in a letter giving consent, so the card can be issued.
    • Save the date!  September 15th is Family Night, 1st Parent's Association Meeting and 6th grade dance!  
    • Join REMIND to stay in touch.  Directions are located under the Features section on the right side of website.
    • Check the website and follow us on Twitter for constant updates.

    First Days of School

    We are excited to welcome you back to school this year! Please arrive by 8:00AM. The doors will open at 7:30 and breakfast is FREE for all students!  Please take advantage of it! New 6th grade students should bring their welcome letter with them.  Students who are eligible for Metro Cards must bring a letter from their parent/guardian confirming the consent for the card.

    Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

    It is critical that families abide by all traffic rules and regulations. If students are being dropped off by private cars, please pull up by the Tennis Courts (past  the school) and stop your vehicle to let students out. Please do not double or triple park and block the buses.  When picking up students, please wait for the buses to leave before you pull up to the school.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL INTO THE DRIVEWAY at either drop off or pick up. Students will be exiting in that space.

    Construction / Safety

    You will notice that the front of the school is under construction.  As a result, we are moving the bus line down Neptune Avenue towards the Tennis Courts. We absolutly need everyones cooperation to keep our kids safe.  

    Breakfast & Lunch

    Breakfast and lunch are free for all students, every day!  You can download September's menus below:

    Sept 2016 Lunch Menu

    Sept 2016 Breakfast Menu

    Message from the Police Department

    New York City Public Schools open on Thursday September 8, 2016.  The Community Affairs Bureau would like to offer the following safety precautions: 


    • Use caution while driving.  Drivers should be cognizant of children travelling to and from school.  Obey traffic laws and school crossing guards.
    • Do not double park. Double parking impairs visibility for children crossing the street and blocks the view of other drivers.  
    • Do not block crosswalks. Blocking crosswalks may force pedestrians to walk around vehicles, putting them in danger.  
    • Never pass a stopped school bus.  Passing a school bus with it's stop sign displayed is illegal and quite dangerous.  Be patient as children may be entering or exiting a bus.


    • Utilize crosswalks when crossing a street.
    • Look both ways for oncoming traffic.  
    • Obey all traffic and pedestrian crossing signals.  
    • Do not text while walking and crossing the street. 
    • Always walk on the sidewalk when one is available.  If no sidewalk is accessible, walk in the direction of oncoming traffic.
    • We wish you a healthy 2016-2017 school season!

    Video Message From Our Principal


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