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Online Phys Ed Purchases 
We are now going to be selling our Phys Ed apparel, locks, etc. via this website
We'll keep the link on the left in Site Shortcuts. Parents can purchase their child's phys ed stuff on line, and the student can bring in the receipt for their items. The uniforms are redesigned too. All Orders Will Be Picked Up At The School By The Students. Any Questions Or Inquiries Regarding This Site Should Email
Incoming Freshmen
Later this month, you'll receive a letter from us outlining some additional information including your homeroom (6L1, 6K2, 6M4, etc. probably with a room number). We'll try to post a notice here once it's been mailed so you can look for it. (YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS LETTER NOW!)
 You can link to the survey here whether you have the letter or not. Call starting Monday, August 25 if you don't have the letter yet if you have questions.
Don't Forget
Make sure you take care of the Immunization Requirements and School Lunch application. Information and links are on the right under features. And get those reading, math, etc. packets completed.
2014 - 2015 Student Time Schedule
The new time schedule has been approved to be in compliance with the UFT contract. It's not precisely the same as most of the other schools in the city because we have more flexibility from being selected as one of NYC's handful of PROSE schools, also part of the new teacher contract. Please make your child's travel arrangements accordingly:
  • The Monday time schedule for students is 8am to 2:20pm
  • The Tuesday through Friday time schedule for students is 8am to 2:45pm
So basically the start time remains intact. Most of the days are just 5 minutes earlier for dismissal. The only significant change is on Mondays, 30 minutes earlier than in past years.
2014 - 2015 Student Supplies
There is no summer supplies list. Since every cluster does something slightly differently and each talent requires slightly different items, the decision was made to wait until the first 2-3 days of school and have that information distributed by the teachers directly. Students will most definitely have at least a week to gather the bulk of those supplies, longer for anything unusual. We recommend that for the first few days, you stick with 2-3 simple cheap folders, with some looseleaf paper, one or two pens and one or two pencils with erasers. 
2014 - 2015 Summer Reading/Math/Etc. Packets
Summer Packets for Reading, Math, etc. for September 2014 Grades 6, 7 and 8 appear on the right hand side for download in PDF format. 
Staten Island Student Carpools
Our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Ganbaatar, has taken on the task of trying to help our Staten Island families coordinate one or more carpools. In order to proceed, you'd need to call her at 718-266-0814x1332 or better yet, email her at with your child's name, your name, phone contact information, email, and address. Hopefully,s we're successful helping those families with some of the longest and most expensive commutes. Perhaps we can extend this further with others down the road.

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